Tax & Legal Services

Tax Dispute Support and Resolution

It is very rare that companies in Kazakhstan will trade for more than a few years before finding that they are due to be inspected by the taxation authorities. Tax inspectors at local, regional and federal levels have wide powers of inspection and Companies often find it necessary to expend substantial resources to provide the inspectors with what they need.

If you are unfortunate enough that an inspection turns into a dispute, which is not uncommon given that Kazakhstan’s tax laws are open to different interpretations, our experienced specialists can provide you with support, guidance and independent expertise to help you navigate through the process and help ensure a speedy resolution.

If you are unfamiliar with the process, we will start assisting you by analyzing and explaining the problem so that you understand the issues you face, and identifying the risks and potential costs to you. We will help you put together a plan for resolution, and if you require, handle all meetings, hearings and negotiations.

And perhaps most importantly, we will work with you to prevent a recurrence of the dispute in the future.