Tax & Legal Services

Tax Сompliance

The rules for complying with Kazakhstan’s tax legislation are quite complex and the penalties for incorrect tax declarations are severe, even for minor errors.

Our tax audit and review service can help you manage the risks of compliance. It can be performed on any of a number of different levels, and can be customised to your individual requirements.

We begin by taking the time to understand your business, objectives, your company culture and hence, your tax risks. This is the best way to fully understand tax compliance for your business, and enables us to target our review effectively.

The review can be as detailed as you require, from a full audit where every transaction is completely checked for completeness of documentation, and correctness of allocation and calculation, through to a broad overview where the checking is limited to using analytical techniques and ratios to establish expectations of tax liabilities, and recalculation of taxes based on your own declarations.

We also help companies and individuals in the following compliance areas:

  • Registration for corporate profits tax and VAT
  • Preparation and submission of declarations of corporate profits tax, and all other taxes
  • Personal income tax declarations for individuals   
  • Full service tax accounting

In BDO Qazaqstan you will find a partner who will look beyond the immediate processes of compliance to bring you ideas for improving your processes and making you aware of any cash saving opportunities.