Consulting on Accounting and Preparing Financial Statements

Accounting and Internal Control Consulting:

  • Consulting on workflow and document management
  • Consulting on management accounting
  • Developing methodological instruments for accounting
  • Testing internal control system and provide recommendation for improvement
  • Developing documents on internal control system
  • Developing internal executive instruments
  • Preparing the organization chart showing interaction between sections and services
  • Recommendations for compiling internal reporting forms for given subdivision
  • Elaborating personnel job descriptions
  • Developing guidelines and manuals for sections, services, subdivisions, and branch offices

Accounting Consulting:

  • Answering any questions on accounting issues related to preparation of financial statements
  • Interpretations and explanations of legal acts and regulations pertaining to accounting
  • Explanation of the accounting treatment and application of the current chart of accounts
  • Recommendations for recording non-standard business transactions
  • Recommendations for completing account books and registers
  • Advising on development of accounting policies
  • Developing methodological instruments for accounting system
  • Developing primary documents forms and templates applied for recording economic transactions that do not envisage standard forms of primary documents
  • Recommendations for completing primary documents
  • Recommendations for preparation and archiving files