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  • Risk management & corporate governance

Risks and Corporate Governance

BDO works with you to develop or enhance your approach to risk management and corporate governance within their organization. The Risk Management and Corporate Governance team of BDO Qazaqstan offers a range of services to ensure that your business is not only compliant with regulatory requirements but is also evolving into a more effective one.

Our experts can provide you with financial control and other tools that are simple to use, and that help:

  • Determine ways to enhance business processes,
  • Identify Key Performance Indicators
  • Assess corporate risk management programs,
  • Optimize risk management procedures, and
  • Ensure compliance with the SOX Act and other regulations.

Examples of engagement results:

  • An in-depth report analyzing the risk management or corporate governance function activities, including current processes, organizational controls, accountability structures, and general management practices
  • Assessment of compliance with best practice or external standards
  • Recommendations regarding any gaps, risks, or opportunities identified
  • Specialized trainings and tools

Risks Management

In the context of financial institutions, the focus naturally tends to be on financial risks, such as credit, liquidity, or market risks, although there is also an increasing emphasis on operational risk. In the case of non-financial institutions, other risks, such as fraud, compliance, strategic, or reputational risks may also be a concern.       

Internal Audit

BDO Qazaqstan offers a complete range of internal audit services from external quality assessments required under IIA Standards to assistance with the modernization of internal processes and efficiency increases. We provide a professional approach, hands-on experience, and highly-skilled personnel.

Compliance with regulatory requirements

The BDO Qazaqstan experts interact with the your management team to ensure that various regulatory requirements (i.e. Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), Basel Accords, IFRS Standards, IIA Standards, etc.) are being met by the clients organization. We work to identify any gaps, risks, or opportunities for improvement and provide action oriented recommendations to address any issues identified.