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  • Why BDO


Our Сompany gives indisputable advantages to people who just start their careers:

1. Professional prospects. 
Many young professionals, having been employed for the first time, do not always see their professional prospects. We help our employees to unveil their talents and gifts, and send them to the areas, where they can apply the acquired knowledge as much as possible. Taking into account the changes in the today's world, our qualified auditors and consultants constantly expand the range of their knowledge and share them generously. You invest into your future through gaining new skills and knowledge in our company and constant improving of yourself. You just need to have enthusiasm and desire to learn; and we will help you with all other stuff.

2. Working among the best professionals.  
Our staff is highly qualified, they are real professionals, deeply devoted to the interests of the Company and highly respected in the team. Key employees are the gold reserves of the Company, the team of real adherents and enthusiasts.

3. Sustainability. 
Having become a full member of our team, you join the Company that has long-term experience, unblemished reputation, and focuses on the development of all of its employees. We believe that building a clear and transparent system for the development of skills and competencies of young staff is an investment into the future. This approach helps us to maintain for many years our position as a reliable, predictable and sustainable employer in the market of Kazakhstan. Building long-term relationships with newcomers through finding their talents and gifts is of priority for our Company.

4. Career advancement. 
Recruitment to the Company is made taking into account the requirements to a certain position, based on knowledge, experience, potential and character of applicants without discrimination on the ground of age, sex, national origin, religion, marital status, political opinions. This greatly facilitates the understanding of the principles of further career advancement. Appraisal and promotion of employees is based on the principles of objectivity and independence. None of the methods of appraisal and survey of applicants or employees are applied without their consent. We respect our employees and we work according to the principle: the art of management is to not let them grow old on their positions. We will help you to achieve the best possible results that you think you are capable of, and then - to advance further.

5. Corporate culture. 
Our Company is proud of the quality of its client service, appreciates client’s loyalty, and protects each of Company’s employees (link to the vision, standards and principles). We offer decent conditions for personal and professional advancement. While working in our Company, our employees have become not just the best auditors and consultants, they are also learning music and dancing, they took up paints. We welcome creativity in everyone's life.

Company’s business principles

  • The Company is open to the public.
  • The Company appreciates and respects its staff.
  • The Company recognises only the honest way of market competition.
  • The Company values its reputation and confidence from partners and clients.
  • The Company is committed to high standards in all areas of business activity.
  • The Company strives to ensure that every employee would be genuinely proud of working at BDO Qazaqstan.